Swedish Entrepreneur Launches Hair Raising Start-Up

Rapunzel of Sweden

Rapunzel of Sweden started as a dream but is now a successful company selling hair extensions online to countries around the world.

One of the reasons Rapunzel of Sweden is now selling women’s hair extensions online to over thirty countries is that founder, Ida Backlund refused to take no for an answer.  Swedish news site, Chef.se has the full story of her short, but amazing career so far.

Back in 2007, when Backlund came up with an idea to help women customize their hair just they way they wanted it, she didn’t have many supporters.  The Chef article discusses how she was rebuked about the idea by many people around here, including the bank managers who refused to approve her loan that would help get her company off the ground.

She was devastated about the rejection, but her perseverance won the day.  She continued trying to get Rapunzel of Sweden off the ground, if only part time.  She worked as a receptionist, as well as in the healthcare sector as she tried to get closer and closer to launching her dream.

After a bit of cash infusion from her boyfriend, Ida was able to leave her second jobs and focus on Rapunzel full time.  Her first employee was a friend who also worked in healthcare and wanted a change.  She was reluctant to leave the security of her job but the lure of something different and Ida assuring her that she would be paid went a long way.  It turned out to be the right call since Rapunzel’s second employee, Linnea is now the promotional manager at Rapunzel, now a company of 43 people.

So what was Ida’s secret?  She says it was a combination of identifying a customer need that no one was filling and believing in the concept.  She now has a daughter and says one of her greatest challenges is finding a work/life balance.  Funny how new challenges always emerge as others are overcome.

via Ingemar Pongratz http://ingemarpongratz.org/swedish-entrepreneur-launches-hair-raising-start-up/


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