Fenix Scientific AB Participates in Nutrigenomics Workshop in Camerino

Ingemar PongratzIngemar Pongratz and Sofia Kuhn from Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting were invited as speakers by the University of Camerino for the Summer School in Nutrigenomics. The workshop, which was organized by organized by Professor Rosita Gabbianelli from the University in Camerino took place in Spetember 2014 and attracted over 130 participants and students from all around the world.

The meeting was very interesting and filled with new information. During the meeting well known scientists from all over the world presented their findings and shared their knowledge with students and post-docs. In addition, Professor Gabbianelli organized a very popular Career Development session where well established Academic and Industrial Scientists told their story, their setbacks and how they overcame their problems, providing an insight on how their life and career looks like both now and in the future. During the meeting in Camerino, Ingemar Pongratz from Fenix Scientific AB Pongratz Consulting made an oral presentation and discussed the role of the AhR as a target protein for nutrients and xenobiotics and environmental pollutants

In the workshop, Sofia Kuhn presented the role that Communication plays for the scientific community and we discussed why communication and community engagement should be a very natural part of a research project. Sofia made a very interesting presentation about why scientists should share their scientific results and scientific knowledge with stakeholder and the general public and we could follow the process how the media looks at research and how scientists can work with the media.

We are very happy that Fenix Scientific AB was given this opportunity as participation in these kind of meetings is a cornerstone for further development. Of course we also discuss the Horizon 2020 programme and future collaborations as well

If you would like to get in touch, please send us an email or use the contact form.


via Ingemar Pongratz http://ift.tt/1uLaphS


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