What comes after Horizon 2020

What comes after Horizon 2020

By Ingemar Pongratz



The European Frameworks programme Horizon 2020 is still in place and European Researchers are waiting for the future calls of Horizon 2020. We are looking following the ongoing evaluation of Horizon 2020 and waiting to see how the evaluation outcomes will influence the future topics.


However, the outcome of the Horizon 2020 evaluation will not only influence Horizon 2020 calls and topics, it is very likely that the evaluation will have alo influence the future European Research Framework Programme FP9.

In fact the European Commission has already provided information on the factors that will influence the future framework programme FP9. The information available makes it clear that there will be three main sources of influence for FP9 in particular:

  • The outcome of the Horizon 2020 evaluation
  • The outcomes of several foresight studies that are currently being performed
  • Analysis of the economic impact of R&D on economic growth

Clearly, the European Commission is determined to ensure that R&D spending is clearly linked to economic growth, and in particular the third point will be critical for the economic investment that the European Union is expected to make on R&D. If the outcome of Horizon 2020 on new jobs and economic growth is considerable it is likely that the European Member States will be willing to invest large funds on R&D.

However, other issues are also going to be interesting, such as how the future FP9 Framework Programme will support European Integration in particular of the new European Member States. Also the role of European Industry in FP9 is going to be interesting to follow. The European Commission has tested a number of new instruments to support European Industry in particular SME. The question is if these instruments will be continued in FP9. Also, we can expect a discussion on how the support for industry should look like. We the Commission introduce for example loans for SME / and Industry partners? This could be an interesting approach that would ensure high SME participation and also secure funds exclusively for industry.

There are many approaches that could be used to ensure that loans for SME could be very interesting for SME’s in Europe, for example interest rates could be low, and re-payment could be flexible.

A lot of possible outcomes….





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